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And the seasons change

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 7:14 AM
I feel the shift of seasons so strong on this Spring Equinox. I send wishes for a greater whole, a cleaner world of harmony with all.

I wish for the Earth, that the human animals would come together to live in harmony with all other animals and with the lands, the trees of wisdom, the nurturing rocks and dirt, the life giving waters - they are all connected. All part of the whole.

We the human animals pull away and separate ourselves into our small people focused lives. Then we are not happy and we constantly need more - more clothes, more food, more toys, more land, more children, more oil, more money, more knowledge. And still we are not happy except for brief moments.

It is my belief that we have become lost and disconnected from the Earth, our real home and our most important teacher. And we have lost our honor and respect as beings on this planet.

Why should we change?

How we are now is easy and it is what we have been taught will make us happy.

Because it doesn't work and we are killing the Earth and ourselves. And that is plain dumb.

How can we shift this?

I do not think it is by fighting - that never makes us happy and destroys the Earth.
I do not think it is by gratitude, that is a placebo that softens the challenge but does not truly change the paradigm.
I don't think it is by Art, art is for people, and while I honor it because it can help people understand and feel, by itself it doesn't change the greed we seem to be holding so close.
I don't think it is by talking, because honestly we cannot hear each other and we certainly cannot hear the other animals and beings on this Earth.
I certainly don't think we can legislate it, our legislatures are owned by businesses which want us to continue with the greed.
I do not think religions offer an answer, they seem to create more war than peace.

So my suggestions are:

First connect with the wild in the forests, the ocean, the rivers, the jungles, the plains and the deserts. See their essential beauty and relevance rather that trying to change it into what we NEED. Spend time paying attention to what we have instead of how we can use it.

We are and always will be changers. But change without balance and forethought is wrong. It is unhealthy. It is destruction.

We need to start with small changes and big ideas. Perhaps if we take one day at a time. Do one thing different to nurture the Earth. Look for one thing that we could do to make life on this Earth more sustainable, and then put our heart into it.

Find others who can also connect to the wild Earth and see a path toward Peace among all and Harmony with the Earth. Share your ideas and inner knowledge with them. Listen to criticism. And if you see value in this criticism honor it. But do not be bullied into thinking your insights are always wrong. We are very mired in the teaching of our society run amok. Even the best of us has blind spots.

Most of all find a place away from the humanized areas where you can connect with the wild. That of anything will help you to reshape this world from corruption to clean. Go there from time to time or even every day. :D Yes at first this can be frightening because we are so separated. But inside each of us is a brave heart, if we allow it to be, and a will to make things better.

Find a path with Honor that will better the Earth, there you will find the joy you seek. :D

Happy Spring!
With Love


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Quote: Be Present, Breathe the air, Stay in the moment, Focus.


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